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Gerstlauer Sommerfuglen TivoliFriheden Highlight
Gerstlauer Sommerfuglen TivoliFriheden Highlight

Sky Racer

Free as a bird in the wind – the interactive riding experience by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides


Free as a bird in the wind – that is how the passengers of the Sky Racer feel. This novelty by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH offers a completely new feeling of flying. The Sky Racer is a flat ride with which the passengers can perform turbulent rollovers by skillful movement of the steering wings and compare the number of rollovers with others. Thus an exciting contest between family members and friends can be started.

With this novelty by the company Gerstlauer the flight with up to 10 persons at the same time at a height of approx. 4m becomes an unforgettable experience for even more passengers.

Comfortable shoulder restraints are infinitely variable and locked redundantly by hydraulic locking cylinders. Maximal safety for every passengers is guaranteed. The Sky Racer can optionally be equipped with (LED) lighting. There are also no limits to your imagination when it comes to varnishing and theming of the ride.

Ready for take-off? The Sky Racer by Gerstlauer is and takes you on its ride! Get on board and take off!