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The Exhilirating Ride on the Octopus

The Polyp by Gerstlauer promises turbulent fun for its passengers. Three controlled rotation axes as well as freely rotating gondolas provide rapid acceleration changes from multiple G-acceleration to moments of near weightlessness during the unpredictable ride.

But the Polyp not only provides family-friendly fun for its passengers, the simultaneous movements also have a fascinating effect on spectators and make the ride a real eye-catcher. The individual theming and optional lighting package make the Polyp an entertaining attraction for young and old alike.

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Technical Details

To ensure safe operation and efficient maintenance, the Polyp has many features that allow an easy ride operation and maintenance, such as:

  • Individual lap bars with redundant locking mechanism
  • State-of-the-art safety PLC
  • Control panel incl. color touch-screen
  • Energy-efficient electric drive system and hydraulic lifting system

Theming Options

In order to perfectly integrate the Polyp into your themed area, we manufacture the fast-paced ride adventure according to your ideas and individual design concepts.

In addition to the gondolas, which can be themed as cars, ships or animals, for example, the constantly rotating and tilting sculpture on the central structure offers an almost hypnotic performance for the spectators.

Optional on-board sound and light provide a particularly immersive ride experience and extraordinary effects, even in the evening hours.

Technical Data

Width22 m / 72.2 ft
Depth22 m / 72.2 ft
Min. height6 m / 19.7 ft
Max. height7.4 m / 24.3 ft
Flight circle 18 m / 59.1 ft
Gondola circle6 m / 19.7 ft
Connected load drive150 kW
Connected load lighting50kW
Gondolas, 2 persons each20
Capacity at 25 rides/h1000 pph
Capacity at 30 rides/h1200 pph

All figures are approximate.
Design and specifications are subject to change.


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