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The Classic in a Modern Look

With this Giant Wheel Gerstlauer Amusement Rides offers the classic family ride.  Its imposing size and lighting pulls in the visitors at any fair or theme park. Besides a spectacular view, visitors enjoy a fun, comfortable and safe ride experience. Even grandma and grandpa will dare to take a ride with their grandchildren.

To bring the classic into the modern age, we present the new edition of the timeless attraction with a sophisticated general concept according to the latest state of the art. Modern lighting systems, intelligent energy recovery, as well as a craneless construction concept for transportable installations ensure economical operation in parks or traveling.

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The gondolas with their closed design are particularly suitable for smaller passengers and offer a perfect view thanks to the large all-round windows regardless of the weather conditions. A remarkable feature of the Gerstlauer Giant Wheels is the suspension of the gondolas on jagged gondola supports outside the main wheel. So, the gondolas are openly suspended and offer all passengers an unobstructed view during the ride.

Of course, we are pleased to realize your individual ideas for the Giant Wheel, such as classic gondolas or modern bistro gondolas.

Technical Details

The modern design with only four instead of the usual eight support columns gives the Giant Wheel the greatest possible transparency and an elegant appearance. The transportable version of the wheel can be set up without a crane thanks to a sophisticated installation concept.

Energy-efficient electric motors drive the Giant Wheel via friction wheels and let the passengers float almost silently into the sky. For a particularly sustainable and environmentally friendly operation, we optionally offer a drive system incl. a state-of-the-art active energy management system, providing many advantages: energy recovery with energy storage, peak load reduction, energy cost savings and increase of system availability due to the storage technology in case of power fluctuations.

Theming Options

At night, extremely economical and long-lasting LED lights transform the Giant Wheel into a sparkling display of lights. In addition, the state-of-the-art LED lights offer the possibility of changing colors, so that the attraction constantly presents itself in a new way.

A light star or a logo on the wheel hub, as well as a covered or open entrance and exit are just a few of the endless possibilities to design the Giant Wheel according to your individual preferences.


Giant Wheel 40m

Height40 m / 131 ft
Wheel diameter37 m / 121 ft
Width (footprint)18.5 m / 61 ft
Depth (footprint)16 m / 53 ft
Gondolas (8 passengers each)30
Rotations1.8 rpm
Connected load70 kW



Giant Wheel 50m

Height50 m / 165 ft
Wheel diameter46 m / 151 ft
Width (footprint)21 m / 69 ft
Depth (footprint)23 m / 75 ft
Gondolas (6 passengers each)36
Rotations1.5 rpm
Connected load100 kW


Giant Wheel 60m

Height60 m / 197 ft
Wheel diameter56 m / 184 ft
Width (footprint)26 m / 85 ft
Depth (footprint)22 m / 72 ft
Gondolas (8 passengers each)40
Rotations1.1 rpm
Connected load150 kW



All Giant Wheels are available as stationary park version or as transportable version.

Other sizes available upon request.

All figures are approximate. Design and specifications are subject to change.


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