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Intensity Level

Beyond Vertical!

The Euro-Fighter offers action-packed layouts on a small footprint. The signature feature is the unique lift tower, which transports passengers up lying on their backs and sends them off on the roller coaster experience with a drop of more than 90°. This makes the Euro-Fighter defy gravity like no other roller coaster.

The highly flexible vehicles master every imaginable ride maneuver and take passengers on an adrenaline rushed journey unlike any other. A ride on this thrill coaster is an exceptional experience, because where vertical is not enough, the Euro-Fighter goes beyond.

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The Euro-Fighter's double-row vehicles carry eight passengers and are equipped with individual and continuously adjustable lap or shoulder restraints. The redundantly locked restraints in combination with the bucket seat ensure a safe and breathtaking ride.

Thanks to the compact vehicle concept, the individual vehicles can smoothly maneuver through particularly tight vertical and horizontal turns, making adrenaline-packed layouts possible even on a small footprint.


The vertical lift tower of the Euro-Fighter is not only a special highlight for passengers and spectators, but is also extremely space-saving and a remarkable eye-catcher in the skyline of any amusement park.

The passengers barely have time to catch their breath before the vehicle drops beyond vertical. With a slope of almost 122°, the Euro-Fighter is the record holder for the world’s steepest roller coaster.

The vehicles can also be boosted into the layout with a powerful LSM launch. Launches and vertical lift can even be combined in one layout, which allows maximum flexibility in layout design.

Technical Details

To ensure safe operation and efficient maintenance, the Euro-Fighter comes with many features that allow an easy handling of the attraction, such as:

  • State-of-the-Art safety PLC
  • Operator panel incl. color touch display
  • Spring loaded running wheels and side wheels with adjustable suspension
  • Easily adjustable side and upstop wheels for wear compensation
  • Wear-free magnetic brakes
  • Contact-free acceleration by linear synchronous motors
  • Noiseless anti-rollback system with function monitoring at each round

Theming Options

Whether as an impressive stand-alone attraction or as part of an extensively designed themed world: The individual theming options of the Euro-Fighter create the highest recognition value and perfectly convey the design of a themed area.

In addition to the customizable appearance, the vehicles can be equipped with on-board sound as well as lights, providing not only a high-thrill, but also a high-tech immersive experience.

Layout Examples

Euro-Fighter 320

23 m / 75 ft
72 km/h / 45 mph
320 m / 1050 ft
Track Length
Width61 m / 200 ft
Depth23 m / 75 ft
Track Width1200 mm
Vertical Acceleration min.-1.3 g
Vertical Acceleration max.4.5 g
Vehicles (8 persons)2
Capacity500 pph
Connected Load100 kW


Euro-Fighter 380

30 m / 98 ft
83 km/h / 52 mph
380 m / 1246 ft
Track Length
Width70 m / 230 ft
Depth20 m / 66 ft
Track Width1200 mm
Vertical Acceleration min.-1.1 g
Vertical Acceleration max.4.7 g
Vehicles (8 persons)3
Capacity700 pph
Connected Load110 kW


Euro-Fighter 440

27 m / 89 ft
80 km/h / 50 mph
440 m / 1440 ft
Track Length
Width87 m / 285 ft
Depth64 m / 210 ft
Track Width1200 mm
Vertical Acceleration min.-1.2 g
Vertical Acceleration max.4.6 g
Vehicles (8 persons)2
Capacity430 pph
Connected Load110 kW


Euro-Fighter 1000

43 m / 141 ft
100 km/h /
63 mph
1000 m /
3280 ft
Track Length
Width160 m / 525 ft
Depth40 m / 131 ft
Track Width1200 mm
Vertical Acceleration min.-1.3 g
Vertical Acceleration max.4.6 g
Vehicles (8 persons)7
Capacity650 pph
Connected Load330 kW



Layouts are available with foundation supports or on base frame.

We design individual and customized layouts upon request.

All figures are approximate. Design and specifications are subject to change.


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