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The Wild Mouse of the Future

The Bobsled Coaster by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides has set new standards in the field of single vehicle roller coasters. The combination of typical "wild mouse" elements and inclined, tight turns, rapid changes of direction, steep descents, as well as exciting camelbacks make the Bobsled Coaster a unique attraction that should not be missing in any amusement park. A great experience for the whole family!

Thanks to the agile vehicles, great layouts can be realized even on the smallest of footprints. In addition, the Bobsled Coaster is ideal for upgrading already existing areas or halls with an additional attraction, even between the structure of an existing roller coaster a layout can be and was already integrated.

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The compact vehicles offer space for four people and are equipped with padded seat shells including horn. All passengers are held safely thanks to the individual and adjustable lap bars. Optionally, these can also be supplied with an electronic restraint monitoring system.

The open vehicle design not only ensures the classic wild mouse feeling in the tight hairpin turns, it also offers optimal view for all passengers of the track ahead. In contrast to the classic mouse, the track can be banked, which allows for the most diverse ride elements and guarantees varied fun through the entire layout.

In addition, a special reverse vehicle offers the extra fun of experiencing the ride from a backwards perspective.


The Bobsled Coaster is available with inclined chain lifts and friction wheel lifts to create a classic roller coaster experience. Thanks to the compact vehicles, vertical elevators can also be easily integrated into the layout - saving valuable space.

To start the family paced ride without hesitation and even more dynamically, the vehicles can be brought up to speed with a forward or reverse launch. As a result, fun is guaranteed from second one.

Since all drive systems are compatible with each other, layouts can be created with maximum flexibility and individually adapted to the requirements and local conditions.

Technical Details

The Bobsled Coaster is the technically perfected version of the ever-popular Wild Mouse and brings the classic into the modern age thanks to state-of-the-art technology.

To ensure safe operation and efficient maintenance, the Bobsled Coaster comes with many features that allow an easy handling of the attraction, such as:

  • State-of-the-Art safety PLC
  • Operator panel incl. color touch display
  • Wear-free magnetic brakes
  • Energy-efficient drive systems
  • Easily adjustable side and upstop wheels for wear compensation
  • Noiseless and redundant anti-rollback system

Theming Options

Whether as an impressive stand-alone attraction or as part of an extensively designed themed world: The individual theming options of the Bobsled Coaster create the highest recognition value and perfectly convey the design of a themed area.

In addition to the customizable appearance, the vehicles can be equipped with on-board sound as well as lights, providing a high-tech immersive experience.

Thanks to its ability to pass through tightest turns, the Bobsled Coaster is particularly suitable for the design of exciting layouts on small footprints, as well as for the integration of themed darkride sections.

Layout Examples

Bobsled Coaster 390

14.7 m / 48 ft
46 km/h / 29 mph
390 m / 1279 ft
Track Length
Width56 m / 184 ft
Depth26 m / 85 ft
Track Width800 mm
Vertical Acceleration max.2.9 g
Vehicles (4 persons)5
Capacity600 pph
Connected Load35 kW


Bobsled Coaster 515

19.7 m / 65 ft
54 km/h / 34 mph
515 m / 1670 ft
Traqck Length
Width154 m / 505 ft
Depth67 m / 220 ft
Track Width800 mm
Vertical Acceleration max.3.0 g
Vehicles (4 persons)5
Capacity600 pph
Connected Load35 kW


Bobsled Coaster 610

25 m / 82 ft
60 km/h / 38 mph
610 m / 2001 ft
Track Length
Width56 m / 184 ft
Depth28 m / 92 ft
Track Width800 mm
Vertical Acceleration max.3.4 g
Vehicles (4 persons)8
Capacity720 pph
Connected Load80 kW



Layouts are available with foundation supports or on base frame.

We design individual and customized layouts upon request.

All figures are approximate. Design and specifications are subject to change.


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