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Great Fun for Young and Old

The Family Coaster by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides offers great fun even for the smallest ones and enough thrills to convince the whole family. Slopes, helices, directional changes and steep turns make the family coaster an adventure for thrill-seekers young and old thanks to harmoniously defined accelerations.

Special effects such as launches, switches and backwards rides add to the fun and make for a variety-filled roller coaster adventure.

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The trains can easily accommodate the whole family. The padded single seat shells allow a comfortable, upright sitting position for every body size and thanks to the spacious footwell in each row of seats, adults can also enjoy the exciting ride without restrictions. Due to the moderate accelerations, headrests are not necessary, ensuring that every seat offers a good view even for the smallest passengers.

The up to 24 seats have continuously adjustable individual lap bars, which can be optimally adjusted to the passenger. This allows both taller and shorter passengers to enjoy the adventure safely and comfortably side by side. Optionally, the restraints can be electronically monitored.


The excitement increases with every meter you gain in height! The train of the Family Coaster can be transported upwards by classic chain lift as well as by friction wheel lift before the family-friendly downhill ride begins.

To start directly from standstill, it is also possible to accelerate up to approx. 50 km/h (31 mph) forward or backward via friction wheel launch. Of course, all combinations of lifts and launches can be realized in one layout! So the Gerstlauer Family Coaster is always good for a surprise and so much more than a conventional family coaster.


There are no limits to the layout of the Family Coaster. Thanks to minimal horizontal and vertical radii, it can be designed very flexibly and the available space can be used in an optimal way. Since the trains are designed to run in both directions, the track can be run completely or partially backwards. This allows not only shuttle layouts but also complex layouts with different forward and backward passages.

Here is just a selection of possible special features:

  • Shuttle Layout
  • Open Track End
  • Switch and Rotating Platform
  • Free Fall Element
  • Friction Wheel Launch (Forward + Backward)

Technical Details

To ensure safe operation and efficient maintenance, the Family Coaster comes with many features that allow an easy handling of the attraction, such as:

  • State-of-the-Art safety PLC
  • Operator panel incl. color touch display
  • Large running wheel diameter for long service life and superior ride smoothness
  • Easily adjustable side and upstop wheels for wear compensation
  • Fail-safe magnetic brakes - low maintenance and wear-free
  • Chain lift with a single and energy-efficient motor or friction wheel lift or launch

Theming Options

Whether as an impressive stand-alone attraction or as part of an extensively designed themed world: The individual theming options of the Family Coaster create the highest recognition value and perfectly convey the design of a themed area.

In addition to the customizable appearance, the vehicles can be equipped with on-board sound as well as lights, providing a high-tech immersive experience.

Layout Examples

Shuttle Family Coaster 205

12 m / 39 ft
50 km/h / 31 mph
201 m / 659 ft
Track Length
Experienced Track Length425 m / 1394 ft
Width67 m / 220 ft
Depth38 m / 125 ft
Track Width800 mm
Vertical Acceleration max.3.0 g
Trains (20 persons)1
Capacity485 pph
Connected Load140 kW


Family Coaster 360

16 m / 52 ft
50 km/h / 31 mph
360 m / 1181 ft
Track Length
Width108 m / 354 ft
Depth31 m / 102 ft
Track Width800 mm
Vertical Acceleration max.2.9 g
Trains (24 persons)1
Capacity750 pph
Connected Load80 kW


Launched Family Coaster 660

18.5 m / 61 ft
56 km/h / 35 mph
660 m / 2165 ft
Track Length
Experienced Track Length760 m / 2493 ft
Width87 m / 285 ft
Depth84 m / 276 ft
Track Width800 mm
Vertical Acceleration max.2.8 g
Trains (20 persons)3
Capacity1000 pph
Connected Load800 kW



Layouts are available with foundation supports or on base frame.

We design individual and customized layouts upon request.

All figures are approximate. Design and specifications are subject to change.


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