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The Roller Coaster with the Spin

On Gerstlauer Amusement Rides' Spinning Coaster, no two rides are the same: Due to the acting accelerations, the vehicles and their passengers rotate freely and randomly around the vertical axis while taking rapid descents and whirling through helices.

The special highlight is the inward-facing seating position of the passengers. This allows the guests to interact with each other and the collective roller coaster experience increases the fun factor even more!

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The spacious vehicles of the Spinning Coaster offer plenty of room for a quick and comfortable passenger change. Padded individual seat shells with integrated headrests allow a comfortable and upright seating position for small and large roller coaster fans.

All passengers are held by the step-less adjustable, individual lap bars. Thanks to redundant locking and electronic restraint monitoring, the Spinning Coaster offers maximum safety during the turbulent ride.

At the end of the ride, an automatic alignment station smoothly rotates the upper vehicle unit to the starting position and locks it securely for the unboarding and boarding process.


The Spinning Coaster is available with a classic chain lift. Furthermore, friction wheel lifts, spiral elevators and vertical elevators can be integrated into the layout to give it a twist. It is also possible to accelerate the vehicle by means of a friction wheel launch.

Since all drive systems are compatible with each other, layouts can be created with maximum flexibility and individually adapted to your requirements.

Technical Details

To ensure safe operation and efficient maintenance, the Spinning Coaster comes with many features that allow an easy handling of the attraction, such as:

  • State-of-the-Art safety PLC
  • Operator panel incl. color touch display
  • Wear-free magnetic brakes
  • Energy-efficient drive systems
  • Easily adjustable side and upstop wheels for wear compensation
  • Noiseless and redundant anti-rollback system
  • Automatic alignment station with automatic rotation lock

Theming Options

Whether as an impressive stand-alone attraction or as part of an extensively designed themed world: The individual theming options of the Spinning Coaster create the highest recognition value and perfectly convey the design of a themed area.

In addition to the customizable appearance, the vehicles can be equipped with on-board sound as well as lights, providing a high-tech immersive experience.

Layout Examples

Spinning Coaster 380

16 m / 52 ft
50 km/h / 31 mph
380 m / 1247 ft
Track Length
Width54 m / 177 ft
Depth23 m / 75 ft
Track Width800 mm
Vertical Acceleration max.3.2 g
Vehicles (4 persons)5
Capacity600 pph
Connected Load35 kW


Spinning Coaster 405

17 m / 56 ft
51 km/h / 32 mph
404 m / 1325 ft
Track Length
Width90 m / 295 ft
Depth50 m / 164 ft
Track Width800 mm
Vertical Acceleration max.3.0 g
Vehicles (4 persons)4
Capacity400 pph
Connected Load35 kW


Spinning Coaster 700

28 m / 92 ft
56 km/h / 35 mph
700 m / 2296 ft
Track Length
Width133 m / 436 ft
Depth42 m / 138 ft
Track Width800 mm
Vertical Acceleration max.3.0 g
Vehicles (4 persons)8
Capacity750 pph
Connected Load80 kW



Layouts are available with foundation supports or on base frame.

We design individual and customized layouts upon request.

All figures are approximate. Design and specifications are subject to change.


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