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The Big Family Fun

Great fun makes children's hearts beat higher! The Bob Coaster by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides offers just that, as it is adjusted to specific demands of the young guests. Child-friendly accelerations turn the ride into an adventure for little thrill-seekers!

Best of all, the trains have room not only for the young ones, but also for the whole family. The passengers do not sit next to each other as usual – they can enjoy the real racing bobsleigh feeling sitting behind each other, with the smallest ones safely in their parents' laps. This allows parents to accompany their children on their first big roller coaster ride and experience this unique moment together.

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Instead of the traditional side-by-side seating arrangement, up to 3 passengers (two adults and one child or one adult and two children) take their seats behind each other in one of the maximum 5 vehicles. The front bench seat with its own backrest is shaped in such a way that a child can sit together with an adult and thus start the ride adventure well protected.

Thanks to moderate accelerations, all passengers are secured by individual lap belts that include automatic pretensioners and electronically lockable buckles. A visual indicator signals the locking status to the operator.

If desired, the train can be equipped with a reverse vehicle to offer additional variety and an extra portion of family-friendly excitement.


Excitement builds as the train climbs the chain lift before rushing over hills, through valleys and curves with up to 45 km/h.

However, the Bob Coaster is not only available with a classic chain lift, but also with a friction wheel launch.

Both systems are designed in such a way that the trains can pass through the layout several times directly one after the other as desired. This allows the Bob Coaster to offer maximum fun for the whole family even in the smallest of spaces.

Technical Details

To ensure safe operation and efficient maintenance, the Bob Coaster comes with many features that allow an easy handling of the attraction, such as:

  • State-of-the-Art safety PLC
  • Operator panel incl. color touch display
  • Fail-safe magnetic brakes - low maintenance and wear-free
  • Energy-efficient drive systems
  • Noiseless anti-rollback system
  • Seat belt with electrically lockable pretensioner and lock
  • Exclusive use of electric drive components, no pneumatics or hydraulics required

Theming Options

Whether as an impressive stand-alone attraction or as part of an extensively designed themed world: The individual theming options of the Bob Coaster create the highest recognition value and perfectly convey the design of a themed area.

In addition to the customizable appearance, the vehicles can be equipped with on-board lights, providing an immersive roller coaster experience.

Due to the small track width and the compact vehicles, the Bob Coaster can easily be integrated on small footprints or into existing themed areas.

Layout Examples

Bob Coaster 100

5.5 m / 18 ft
36 km/h / 23 mph
100 m / 328 ft
Track Length
Width42 m / 138
Depth14 m / 46 ft
Track Width500 mm
Trains (6 Adults und 3 Children)1
Capacity400 pph
Connected Load30 kW


Bob Coaster 110

5.5 m / 18 ft
36 km/h / 23 mph
110 m / 361 ft
Track Length
Width42 m / 138
Depth15 m / 49 ft
Track Width500 mm
Trains (8 Adults und 4 Children)1
Capacity500 pph
Connected Load30 kW


Bob Coaster 265

7.2 m / 24 ft
36 km/h / 23 mph
265 m / 869 ft
Track Length
Width69 m / 226 ft
Depth55 m / 180
Track Width500 mm
Trains (10 Adults and 5 Children)1
Capacity415 pph
Connected Load45 kW



Layouts are available with foundation supports or on base frame.

We design individual and customized layouts upon request.

All figures are approximate. Design and specifications are subject to change.


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