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New Trains for New Roller Coaster Experiences

New roller coaster trains from Gerstlauer Amusement Rides take the ride experience to a new level!

Whether steel, wooden or hybrid roller coaster, we manufacture modern trains according to the latest technical requirements. Not only your passengers will benefit from the newly acquired ride comfort, thanks to sophisticated design and state-of-the-art technology, you will revitalize your attraction and reduce maintenance effort and operating costs.

Steel Roller Coasters

We manufacture the latest generation trains for your classic steel roller coaster. Revitalize your existing ride with our new trains that incorporate all the advantages of a modern roller coaster train and that are designed and manufactured according to the latest standard.

Whether it's the newest safety technology, reduced maintenance requirements or a fresh thematic design - you and your guests will benefit in the long term from new trains from Gerstlauer on your steel roller coaster.

Wooden Roller Coasters

Gerstlauer presents a completely new generation of wooden roller coaster trains. Steel chassis with durable fiberglass body, low-wear ball bearings, as well as spring-loaded axles for best ride comfort and customized design are just a few advantages. The trains can be used on any standard wooden coaster - regardless of the manufacturer of the ride - making them the optimal choice for new or even existing wooden coasters.

The vehicles are available for 4 or 6 persons and can be composed to a train of up to 30 passengers.

Brochure (4 Seats)
Brochure (6 Seats)

Hybrid Roller Coasters

Our hybrid coaster trains can be used on conventional wooden coaster tracks as well as on steel tracks of the new generation - no matter which manufacturer, no matter which layout! Two large running wheels, as well as two side and upstop wheels ensure maximum running smoothness during the ride thanks to elastomer suspension. Also, the spring-loaded Ackermann steering offers a high flexibility of the train and maximum ride comfort for your guests.

The vehicles are each equipped with four self-supporting seat shells and four T-bars. Each lap bar is redundantly secured by two locking cylinders and can also be continuously adjusted to fit the passenger's body. In addition, the lap bars are monitored electronically.



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