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Free Like a Bird in the Wind

The Sky Racer is an interactive round ride that offers entertaining flying fun for the whole family. As soon as the passengers have reached their flight altitude of approx. 4 meters and the airstream is blowing, they can move their gondolas sideways with skillful movements of the steering wings.

Passengers can now decide for themselves whether they want to enjoy a relaxed sightseeing ride or perform a rollover-filled aerobatic flight with their 1-person aircraft. With the optional rollover counter, the number of rotations achieved can be compared after the ride, making each flight an individual experience.

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Technical Details

To ensure safe operation and efficient maintenance, the Sky Racer has many features that allow an easy ride operation and maintenance, such as:

  • Individual shoulder restraints with redundant locking system
  • Automatic restraint closure
  • State-of-the-art safety PLC
  • Energy-efficient drive system
  • Control panel incl. color touch-screen
  • Optional rollover counter

Theming Options

The individual theming of the Sky Racer perfects the visual impression of a flying adventure. Thanks to its main ride characteristics, the attraction is particularly suitable for a thematic connection with airplanes, dragons, bees, birds or everything that can fly, with no limits to your imagination.

Optionally, we also offer LED lighting of the ride for beautiful flying hours at night.

Technical Data

Diameter18.9 m / 62 ft
Height5.8 m / 19 ft
Flight height (gondolas lifted)3.6 m / 12 ft
Flight circle15 m / 49 ft
Main rotation9.5 rpm
Connected load55 kW

All figures are approximate.
Design and specifications are subject to change.


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