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The Interactive Flight Adventure

Whether a magnificent panoramic or a turbulent acrobatic flight - on this ride, every passenger decides for themselves how thrilling their journey at adventurous heights will be. The Sky Roller from Gerstlauer Amusement Rides is an interactive attraction for all generations.

After the passengers have boarded the comfortable individual seats, the gondolas lift up and the pilots' feet dangle freely in the air. Depending on their preferences, passengers can now control the lateral rotation of the seat themselves. By skilfully turning the wings in the airstream, one can swing the gondola from side to side or even perform rollover manoeuvres. This turns every flight into a unique adventure.

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Technical Details

To ensure safe operation and efficient maintenance, the Sky Roller has many features that allow an easy ride operation and maintenance, such as:

  • Individual shoulder restraints with redundant locking system
  • Automatic restraint closure
  • State-of-the-art safety PLC
  • Energy-efficient drive system
  • Control panel incl. color touch-screen
  • Optional rollover counter

Theming Options

The individual theming of the Sky Roller perfects the visual impression of a flying adventure. Thanks to its main ride characteristics, the attraction is particularly suitable for a thematic connection with airplanes, dragons, bees, birds or everything that can fly, with no limits to your imagination.

The 12 individual gondolas can be matched to the thematic concept not only with the use of customized paintwork, but also with individually designed rear covers.

Optionally, we also offer LED lighting of the ride for beautiful flying hours at night.

Technical Data

Sky Roller 16

Sky Roller 24

Diameter (gondolas lowered)20.3 m / 66.6 ft
Diameter (gondolas swung out)22.5 m / 73.8 ft
Max. height18 m, 24.5m or 35.5 m
59 ft, 80 ft or 116 ft
Main rotation11 rpm
Connected load 120 kW or 200 kW
Passengers16 or 24

All figures are approximate.
Design and specifications are subject to change.


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