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Giant Wheels

The classical family ride by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides.


The Gerstlauer Giant Wheel is the ideal centerpiece iconic family attraction. Its impressive size and illumination makes it a magnet for visitors at every fairground and amusement park. It is an exciting ride offering guests from grandparents to young children amazing views in all directions.

As a special feature, the Giant Wheel is available with 4 columns instead of the conventional 8, providing greater transparency and an elegant structural appearance. Special v-shaped gondola hanging arms provide an excellent vista for all passengers. The closed design of the gondolas is ideal to offer a safe ride for younger guests, while the large 360┬░ windows enable an unobstructed view in all types of varying climates.

Eight energy-efficient electric motors turn the Giant Wheel via friction wheels virtually silent into the sky. Economical, environmentally friendly, and durable LED lights transform the Giant Wheel into a sparkling ocean of light after sundown. Furthermore, the LED lights have multiple color patterns, turning the Giant Wheel into an awe-inspiring kaleidoscope of light and color.

The Giant Wheel can be customized to meet the demand of any customer with classic gondolas or modern bistro gondolas, a star or a customized logo on the wheel hub, a roofed or open entrance/ exit being just a few possibilities.

Our Giant Wheel is available as a stationary or transportable version. Furthermore, three different sizes are available. Please note that other wheel diameters are available on request.