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Bobsled Coaster

An attraction for the whole family!


Our Bobsled Coaster has redefined the family coaster. Characterized by sharp turns, banking curves, fast transitions, and exhilarating drops, the Bobsled Coaster offers the “feel” and fun of a Wild Mouse with the undeniable thrill of a freeform coaster. It is truly a must-have for every park and a great experience for the whole family.

If needed, this coaster can pack a lot of "punch" in a small area. For example, the Bobsled Coaster “Vilda Musen” at the Swedish park Grönalund was designed to fit into an existing roller coaster. It was a challenging process for Gerstlauer Amusement Rides, but the result was an outstanding ride experience.

Instead of using a train like other family coasters, the cars are designed to navigate the layout individually. This allows the same ride experience for every passenger, and new ride elements that are impossible for a train concept. Furthermore, the cars offer an open design providing a direct view of the track. Of course, the cars can be custom-themed to meet your requirements.

Like all Gerstlauer Amusement Rides attractions the Bobsled Coaster fulfils highest quality and safety demands such as TÜV, EN 13814 and ASTM. Durable magnetic brakes, silent anti-rollback dog and ride control/ monitoring via PLC and touchscreen are standard. Individual cars and the use of energy-efficient drive concepts keep the energy consumption of the Bobsled Coaster low.

The Bobsled Coaster is available with foundations or with a base frame.