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Infinite thrill!


Unlimited fun combined with plus innovative technology? That’s Gerstlauer’s Infinity Coaster.

The vehicles of the Infinity Coaster feel infinite and quite spacious. The versatile coaster is available with individual cars for 8 riders as well as with trains holding up to 32 riders. Choosing a train doesn’t change the experience, however.  The train concept is designed to navigate small radii, too! The new seat concept is fantastic!  The open and high seat positing which offers lots of space and comfort for the riders – including floorless coaster feeling!

With all the excitement we still keep in mind rider’s safety. Our newly designed T-lap bars lock hydraulically and can be adjusted infinitely. This enables even children with a body height of only 1.25m to experience the Infinity Coaster. Besides an automatic opening of the T-lap bars the Infinity Coaster features automatic closing of the lap bars, too. The automatic closing provides time saving during the process of dispatch. By request the coaster cars are available with over the shoulder restraints.

The Infinity Coaster is designed to master the endless number of your layout ideas. Thanks to carrying wheels with very big diameter the cars accelerate easily up to velocities of 130km/h and more. Therefor the spring-mounted steering provides high flexibility and riding comfort.

The Infinity Coaster is available with chain lift as well as with LSM-Launch – or both! The chain lift is avaible with lift hills of differnet angles. Likewise our 90° lift is navigable for trains composed of maximum 4 rows (16 riders). A new feature of our lift system is the magnetic, silent, safety chain dog system that lowers the vehicles backwards in case of a power loss. That ensures a quick, safe and comfortable evacuation of the riders in case of emergency right at the bottom of the lift hill.

The Infinity Coaster. The next-generation rollercoaster by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides.