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Launch Coaster

3...2...1... Takeoff - A new experience of speed with the Launch Coaster from Gerstlauer Amusement Rides.


3...2...1...With a breath taking acceleration of 1.2 g's our Launch Coaster catapults you into the sky. Hold on tight because the launch takes 1 to 3 seconds – depending on the maximum speed. The ride experience feels like you are strapped to a rocket. The power for this experience is supplied by frictionless, state-of-the-art linear synchronous motors that safely accelerate the cars. The optional use of a maintenance-friendly, energy storage system helps to keep the connected load economical.

However, the sensational launch is just the beginning of a great roller coaster ride. Whether blasting vertically into the sky like a rocket, experiencing airtime during the camelback manoeuvre, or speeding through a slalom course like a Formula 1 racer – our Launch Coaster makes every layout and ride element possible. Of course, our cars also smoothly master every imaginable inversion. The layout will be designed to perfectly meet your ride experience requirements and give your target audience the perfect ride. That means pure fun for families and thrillseekers alike.

Our new designed six passenger cars are another highlight of the Launch Coaster. They feature a unique “V”-shape design and stadium seating which offers every rider a great view of the thrills that lie ahead. Needless to say, the cars also possess the high quality of all Gerstlauer Amusement Rides attractions. They offer highest ride comfort and smoothness in accordance with the strictest safety standards.

The Launch Coaster is available with foundations or with a base frame. Give your guests a new experience of speed with the Launch Coaster from Gerstlauer Amusement Rides.