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Hybrid Coaster Trains

Flexible, versatile and efficient

Would you like to upgrade your wooden coaster? The brand new Hybrid Coaster Trains by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides take the experience of riding a wooden rollercoaster to the next level!

The Hybrid Coaster Train is as good as its word. It is applicable on a traditional wooden track, as well as on a new generation steel track – No matter what manufacturer or type! But that does not mean that the comfort goes short. Thanks to suspension two big carrying wheels as well as two guiding wheels and two up-stop wheels allow running smoothness during the rough wooden coaster ride. The spring-mounted steering provides high flexibility and riding comfort, too.

Where other wooden coaster trains surrender, the Hybrid Coaster Train passes them by! It goes through steep drops with ease and copes with overbanked turns.

Extreme performance requires extreme security. No problem with the hybrid coaster train. The cars feature four self-supporting seats with T-shaped lapbars. By the use of two hydraulic cylinders each lapbar can be adjusted steplessly and offers maximum security. As a matter of course each Hybrid Coaster Train can be custom-themed and offers stadium seating with a perfect view from every seat.

Flexible, versatile and efficient – The new Hybrid Coaster Train by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides tops of your wooden coaster perfectly!