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Gerstlauer LeSerpent Highlight
Gerstlauer LeSerpent Highlight

Le Serpent

Parc Sindibad Casablanca, Morocco



In 2014 the Moroccan SindiPark will open its gates. We are excited to present our first rollercoaster on the African continent there.

This Euro-Fighter goes by the name of 'the serpent' and it leaves nothing to be desired. The 73 foot tall vertical lift and the following Gerstlauer-like 97° drop, as well as a vertical loop, sudden changes in direction, helices, banked turns and a heartline-roll turn the coasters layout into a breathtaking experience.

Let this snake bite you and let it take you on an exciting journey. 'Le Serpent' - Pure fun by Gerstlauer.

Width ~ 197 ft (~ 60 m)
Depth ~ 124 ft (~ 38 m)
Height ~ 73 ft (~ 22 m)
Track Length ~ 1185 ft (~ 361 m)
Track Width 3' 11 ¼" (1200 mm)
Speed ~ 44 mph (~70 km/h)
Inversions 3
Vehicles (8 persons each) 3
Connected Load ~ 90 kW