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Gerstlauer BlackDaan Highlight
Gerstlauer BlackDaan Highlight

Back Daaan

Tokyo Dome City , Japan



Ready for a spectacular colour adventure? In the Japanese amusement park Tokyo Dome City you can experience an exciting ride with colorful lighting effects in our new family coaster „Back Daaan“.

After the train with its 16 seats leaves the station, it is accelerated by two friction wheel launches and sent on the approximately 234m long ride. 

With speeds of up to 30km/h, the train passes first forwards and then again backwards various track elements which are designed with impressive lighting effects, lamps and projections.

Experience „Back Daaan“ by Gerstlauer. From 2019 in the Japanese amusement park Tokyo Dome City.

Width ~ 53 m
Depth ~ 38 m
Height ~ 4,1 m
Track length ~ 234 m
Speed ~ 30 km/h
Trains (16 persons each) 2