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gar familysuspendedcoaster HIGHLIGHT
Family Suspended Coaster

Lipovitan Rocket☆Luna

Yomiuriland , Japan



Experience Lipovitan Rocket☆Luna in Yomiuriland in Japan - a new attraction, our first Family Suspended Coaster.

The Family Suspended Coaster offers a very unique ride experience for the whole family, because not only the legs of the passengers dangle freely under the seats of the vehicles, but also the seat carriers themselves are suspended from the chassis and swing in two directions, creating a flying experience with minimal lateral acceleration.
Thanks to the unique individual vehicles, extremely compact layouts with a real roller coaster feeling are possible - even on small footprints and in indoor locations.

The vehicles of the Family Suspended Coaster offer a truly exceptional experience. During the ride, the four seats can swing together forwards and backwards, and each row of seats can swing separately to the left and right. This special feature brings a very unique dynamic to the ride, while accelerations to the front and side remain minimal. The single bucket seats incl. horn offer maximum comfort and freedom for all passengers. Both small and large guests are held comfortably and securely by the infinitely adjustable lap bars with redundant locking. In addition to the customizable appearance, the vehicles can be equipped with onboard sound as well as lights, providing not only a family-thrill, but also a high-tech immersive experience.

To ensure safe operation and efficient maintenance, the Family Suspended Coaster has many features that contribute to the easy handling of the attraction, such as:

State-of-the-art safety PLC
Operator panel incl. color touch screen
Easily adjustable running, side and upstop wheels for wear compensation
Adjustable spring-damper modules
Wear-free magnetic brakes
Chain lift or vertical elevator
Noiseless anti-rollback system with automatic function monitoring at each round

Are you ready for a family-thrill?  ‘Lipovitan Rocket☆Luna’ by Gerstlauer is! Get on board.