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Gerstlauer MadagascarMadPursuit Motiongate Highlight
Gerstlauer MadagascarMadPursuit Motiongate Highlight

Madagascar Mad Pursuit

Motiongate Dubai, United Arab Emirates



In 2017, Gerstlauer Amusement Rides opened its first Launched Infinity-Coaster in Dubai.

The ride layout features various elements suitable to the show acts happening during the ride. The riders enter the vehicle in the station at the load position. After closing and checking the lap bars, the operator can start the ride. The vehicle travels around a long left turn down to the launch track. At the beginning of the launch it is stopped to let the riders experience a show feature. As part of the show the launch happens at the end and the vehicle is accelerated to a maximum speed of approx. 83 km/h (23m/s). Due to this kinetic energy, the vehicle moves freely along the track course until it reaches the retarding brake in front of the station. There, the vehicle is decelerated and slowly moves into the station, where the passengers exit. The dimensions of the base area are approximately 130x60m. The maximum height above ground is approx. 22 m, the track length is approx. 678 m.

Fun guaranteed! The Infinity-Coaster “Madagascar Mad Pursuit” by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides.