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Adventure World Perth, Western Australia



In Perth, Australia, thrill seekers can find a new spooky amusement. 'Adventure World' proudly presents 'Abyss'. This Euro-Fighter by Gerstlauer will teach its riders the meaning of fear.

The ride starts off and the cars, holding 8 persons each, disappear in the dark. The following long darkride section includes a zero-g-roll, which turns the world upside-down. The coaster track leaves the building. Blazing light, break. But this is when the fun really starts. The 98 feet tall lift is followed by a stunning 100° drop, a large immelmann loop, a negative-g-hill, a dive loop and an overbanked turn.

A nightmare? No a hell of a lot of fun! Let this Australian Euro-Fighter take you where you've never been before. 'Abyss' by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides.

Width ~ 354 ft (~ 108 m)
Depth ~ 206 ft (~ 63 m)
Height ~ 98 ft (~ 30 m)
Track Length ~ 2099 ft (~ 640 m)
Track Width 3' 11 ¼" (1200 mm)
Speed ~ 52 mph (~ 84 km/h)
Vertical Acceleration  
(maximal) ~ 4.6 g
(minimal) ~ -0.9 g
Inversions 4
Vehicles (8 persons each) 4
Capacity ~ 720 pph
Connected Load ~ 150 kW