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Gerstlauer GsengteSau Highlight
Gerstlauer GsengteSau Highlight
Bobsled Coaster

G'sengte Sau

Wiener Prater Vienna, Austria



Fancy an adrenaline rush for the whole family? Since 2020 with „G’sengte Sau“ in the Viennese Prater another bobsled coaster by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH makes it rounds.

The ride begins at the station where the vehicle leaves with a left turn. The chain lift then transports the vehicle to the top of the lift. After a combination of Wild Mouse curves the vehicle experiences a big drop. Another combination of Wild Mouse curves is followed by a downward helix which leads into a non-inverted dive. After an 180° curve another big drop follows, parallel to the first one. A twisted drop is followed by a large panoramic curve over the two valleys of the big drops. In the further course two camelbacks follow before the vehicle reaches the reduction brake after a banked turn and slalom turns.

Experience an adventure for the whole family with „G’sengte Sau“ by Gerstlauer in the Viennese Prater!

On-Ride Video

Width ~ 55 m
Depth ~ 30 m
Height ~ 24 m
Track length ~ 610 m
Speed ~ 60 km/h
Trains (4 persons each) 8