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Psyké Underground

Walibi Belgium Wavre, Belgium

In 2013 a legend will return. ‘Psyké Underground’ is the name of the newest coaster at the Belgian amusement park Walibi Belgium. However ‘Psyké Underground’ is no stranger in Münsterhausen. This shuttle loop was manufactured by Schwarzkopf back in the 80’s and was brought back to life the professionals of Gerstlauer.

In addition to the new, comfortable trains with lap bars, the makeover includes new drive and brake engineering. Linear induction motors accelerate the train up to 52.3 mph in just 3 seconds. Riders rush through the loop in total darkness, which is a unique experience. As usual for the shuttle loop, the train rolls up a hill at the end of the track, slows down and travels the track to the station backwards. Magnetic brakes slow the train.

This modernization by Gerstlauer will thrill you. ‘Psyké Underground‘. In 2013 at Walibi Belgium.