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Gerstlauer Wakala Highlight
Gerstlauer Wakala Highlight
Family Coaster


Bellewaerde Ieper, Belgium



Ready for a spectacular ride adventure? In the Belgian amusement park Bellewaerde you can experience an exciting and individual ride with our new family coaster „WAKALA“.
The roller coaster is about 655 meters long and about 19 meters high. During the ride the trains reach a maximum speed of approximately 54 km/h.
The ride has several elements that offer fun for the whole family. Among others, there are two lift hills, one of which has a slight acceleration. The track has different elements such as: Panorama Turn, Twisted Drop, Fly By, Camelback, Double Down, Slalom Turn, Banked Camelhump, Banked Turn and Canelhump on which the trains move forward and sometimes backward.
Bellewaerde offers its visitors a new sensation with this attraction, which young and old can experience together.

Experience the adventure for the whole family with "WAKALA" by Gerstlauer at the Belgian amusement park Bellewaerde!

On-Ride Video

Width ~ 87 m
Depth ~ 84 m
Height ~ 19 m
Track length ~ 655 m
Speed ~ 54 km/h
Trains (20 persons each) 3