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Gerstlauer KampalaExpress Highlight
Gerstlauer KampalaExpress Highlight
Bob Coaster

Kampala Express

Knuthenborg Safaripark Maribo, Denmark



With the „Kampala Express“ the worldwide first BOB coaster by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH was opened in Denmark in 2017. The small coaster is the first roller coaster in the Danish safari park. This novelty with its placid track layout and the leisurely pace is especially designed for families with small children.
This 100m long family-friendly roller coaster by Gerstlauer can so far not be found in any other amusement park in this kind of way: instead of the traditional order of the seats side by side, the passengers sit down behind each other in the vehicle. Thus the Africa inspired route – even for the youngest children – leads over exciting turns in a sloping position and a 6m high hill which corresponds to the height of a full-grown giraffe.

Roller coaster experience for the complete family with the “Kampala Express” in the Knuthenborg safari park. Sometimes it is the small things that makes a child’s heart beat faster.