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Djurs Sommerland Nimtofte, Denmark



"Jump aboard and set sail" in 2016! The newest ride at Djurs Summerland, a polyp by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides, invites you to an exciting pirate trip.

The flat ride goes by the name ‘Soulken’ and guarantees a thrilling ride for the whole family. Thanks to four controlable motion axles and 20 freely spinning gondolas, holding two riders each, the ‘Soulken’ turns into an exciting ride. Furthermore, fast changes of the acceleration from almost 0g to several g's make an interesting ride experience. Redundant, hydraulic cylinders keep riders in their seats safely here. Furthermore energy-efficient and maintenance-friendly drive systems allow low energy consumption.

A matching design of the ride musn’t be missed. On top of the rides centre part, a giant world globe, which moves around. In addition the pirate ship gondolas top off the perfect adventure look of the ride.

Jump in, let’s roll! Gerstlauer Amusement Rides’ ‘Soulken’ get’s started. In 2016 at Djurs Summerland, Denmark

Breite ~ 22.0 m
Tiefe ~ 22.0 m
(minimal) ~ 6.0 m
(maximal) ~ 7.4 m
Flugkreis ~ 18.0 m
Gondelkreis ~ 6.0 m
(Antrieb) ~ 150 kW
Gondeln (je 2 Personen) 20
(25 Fahrten/h) 1000 pph