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Gerstlauer PegaseExpress ParcAsterix Highlight
Gerstlauer PegaseExpress ParcAsterix Highlight
Family Coaster

Pégase Express

Parc Astérix Plailly, France



Ready, set, go! In 2017 the French amusement park Parc Astérix in Plailly presents ‚Pégase Express', a brand new Shuttle Family Coaster by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides.

Right after the 20 individual restraints close, the wild but family-friendly ride with the out-and-back layout takes off.
The train is accelerated per friction drive launch out of the elevated station and drops immediately to the right into a drop to absolve an overbanked left curve to the lift hill. The chain lift is climbed and the following drop and Camelback provide plenty of butterflies in the stomach of the riders with a minimum height of one metre. This is followed by a number of sway and S-curve elements over the Rafting "Romus et Rapidus" and among others through a tunnel. A strongly banked right curve with drop through an advertisement leads the way back over another drop. Those who think that the friction drive lift brings them back to the station will be disappointed: The train travels forwards into the Temple of Medusa where she is taking a small nap. Being awoken by the train, the projections show a grumpy and sleepy Medusa who scares the passengers out of the temple – but backwards! The track course is changed by a switch and friction drive wheels accelerate the train smoothly, travelling through an elongated S-curve past the Rafting attraction in the direction of the station. Shortly before arriving there, the train is stopped and another switch provides free access into the station into which the train rolls slowly forwards.

What are you waiting for? Get on board! ‚Pégase Express', the newest family adventure by Gerstlauer.