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Gerstlauer Vertika Highlight
Gerstlauer Vertika Highlight


La Récré des 3 Curés Milizac, France



At the French amusement park La Recré des 3 Curés, roller coaster fans will experience a breathtaking ride of the popular Euro-Fighter model 440 from Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH from 2020. The new Euro-Fighter offers its passengers - with its unique drop of more than 97° into the depth - an exciting ride experience.

Already from afar, the high vertical lift catches the eye. After the individual vehicles have climbed the top of the lift at a height of 27 metres, each of the eight passengers awaits a breathtaking view over the park. Yet there is not much time to enjoy the view. Slowly the vehicle tilts over the highest point and then plunges down with a maximum inclination of 97°! Only a few seconds later, the passengers race towards the sky again and stand upside down for the first time in the looping. This is followed by a combination of twisted camelback, high speed turn, camel hump, non inverted immelmann and flat spin, which complete the ride with the "Vertika".

Let „Vertika“ captivate you and go on an exciting ride – pure fun made by Gerstlauer.