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Sky Fly

Air Show

Holiday Park Hassloch, Germany



Want to feel like a pilot mastering flight? In 2015 that will be possible at the Holiday Park, Germany. ‘Air Show’ is the name of the Sky Fly by Gerstlauer, which will feature an interactive experience for every rider.

Once the 12 comfortable single-rider gondolas are carried aloft, there is no stopping. The gondola brakes are released and thanks to control wings every rider is able to roll over. Everyone decides whether the ride turns into a hair-raising flight-adventure or ends up to be 'just' a scenic flight. ‘Air Show’ is for everyone! Since the boom is tilted, the riders go up 72 ft (22 m) and come down each revolution. Comfortable shoulder restraints with redundant, hydraulic cylinders keep riders in their seats safely.

Are you ready for take-off? ‘Air Show’ by Gerstlauer is! Get on board.