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Family Coaster

Cobra des Amun Ra

Belantis Leipzig, Germany



After the great success of the Bobsled-Coaster „Drachenritt“ and the Euro-Fighter „Huracan“, Gerstlauer is happy to announce its third rollercoaster for the Eventpark Belantis.

Opening summer of 2015, this ride will get the whole family excited by telling the story of the cobra, watching the temple of the sun-god “Ra”. The “Cobra of Amun Ra” takes 24 brave riders with a minimum height of 1 meter on an exhilarating and mysterious ride. After the cobra takes their passenger to a height of 16m, they experience sudden drops, helices, turnarounds and overbanked turns on a track length of 360m. This makes the ride an unforgettable adventure for all ages.

The trains of the Family-Coaster offer single seats with a large leg room and individual adjustable restraints, to provide an enjoyable ride for the whole family. Further characteristics of the Family Coaster are the use of chain lift with silent anti-rollback grips, and magnetic brakes for a smooth and safe deceleration.

Are you ready for the adventurous ride with the Family-Coaster “Cobra of Amun Ra” by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides? Get on board and trust the cobra, to guide you out of the temple of the sun god “Ra”.