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Erlebnispark Tripsdrill Cleebronn, Germany



‘Karacho‘ is a German word for speed. Quite fitting for Gerstlauer’s first Launched Infinity Coaster, ‘Karacho’ which opened at the German theme park ‘Tripsdrill’ in 2013.

In only 1.6 seconds the cars with 8 riders accelerate to 62.1 mph and rush through the course. The layout fits perfectly in the Swabian landscape and features a lot of variety including a dark ride section, an airtime hill, a 98ft tall top hat and 4 inversions.

‘Karacho’ will convince you with its new-designed, open cars. Thanks to lap bars riders have a lot more elbowroom and experience a lot more thrills, too.  Guests 4.1 feet and  taller can be restrained comfortably and safely.    The new, larger wheels guarantee a ride as smooth as butter.

3, 2, 1 – go! Look forward to the newest Launched Infinity Coaster by Gerstlauer. 2013 at Tripsdrill.

Width ~ 426 ft (~ 130 m)
Depth ~ 114 ft (~ 35 m)
Height ~ 108 ft (~ 33 m)
Track Length ~ 2296 ft (~ 700 m)
Track Width
3' 11 ¼" (1200 mm)
Speed ~ 62 mph (~ 100 km/h)
Inversions 4
Vehicles (je 8 Personen) 4