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Gerstlauer Riesenrad Highlight
Gerstlauer Riesenrad Highlight
Giant Wheels


Willenborg Munich, Germany



A Gerstlauer Amusement Rides Giant Wheel will become the new attraction of the Heinrich Willenborg GmbH from 2020 on.

The Giant Wheel impresses with its light architecture with only four columns and its overhanging gondola carriers in form of spikes. This special gondola hanging of the 24 gondolas offers an excellent panoramic view for all passengers. Also, only LED-lighting is used. This guarantees a unique light spectacle in the evening hours and protects the environment through the low energy consumption and the long life of the LEDs.
With the special sustainable drive system, the Giant Wheel sets new standards in terms of environmental friendliness: energy recovery with energy storage, peak load reduction, energy savings in the infrastructure, energy cost savings, no energy recovery or network pollution, increased ride availability through storage technology in the event of network fluctuations - thus multifunctional customer benefit with the Giant Wheel from Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH.

Get on board, let yourself be carried up gently, in an energy and resourse saving manner and enjoy the great view!

Height ~ 43 m
Width ~ 20 m
Depth ~ 19 m
Capacity 24 gondolas (8 persons each)
Speed ~ 2 m/s
Rotations ~ 2 rpm