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Gerstlauer BOB Coaster Merkant Highlight
Gerstlauer BOB Coaster Merkant Highlight
Bob Coaster


Mandoria Miasto Przygód Rugóv, Poland



With our indoor roller coaster "Merkant", the first BOB Coaster from Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH opened in Poland in 2021. The new attraction is aimed at families with smaller children with its tranquil course and leisurely speed.

The highlight among the rides in the new amusement park "Mandoria Miasto Przygód" is Poland's longest indoor roller coaster called "Merkant", where passengers take their seats in the cargo system of the trade guild. This is a bob coaster. In a train - consisting of five cars with seats arranged one behind the other - the ride goes over a 265-meter-long family-friendly track with a maximum height of 7.3 meters and two lift hills.

Roller coaster experience for the whole family with the "Merkant" in the new amusement park "Mandoria Miasto Przygód". Sometimes it's the little things that make a child's heart beat faster.