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Furuvik Gävle, Sweden

A ‘black hole‘ challenges our beliefs of time and space. There is no escape as soon as something enters a black hole. No escape, no return.

The ‘Black Hole’, a type ‘Jetstar II’ rollercoaster, challenges this theory. After nearly 30 years, the coaster returned from the darkness to Germany. In Münsterhausen it was reconditioned by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides.

The result is quite honorable. After the two-membered trains spiral up to 13 meters with the help of a self-propulsion the coaster shows what it’s got. The small rockets rush into the depth, shoot through intense banked turns and go round the impressive spiral lift several times on their way back to the station. But it is not only the layout, which makes this coaster special. The typical bob-style seating results in a unique ride experience, too.

The ‘Jetstar II’ didn’t stay at Gerstlauer for too long. Thanks to the know-how of our employees the coaster was best possibly reconditioned to go on its next mission. As ‘rocket’ it returns to the heydays of its youth and adds fresh life to the Swedish amusement park ‘Furuvik’. After a long period of darkness the ‘rocket’ shines in bright red and blue and is the new eye-catcher in the beautiful landscape of the park.

‘3, 2, 1 – ignition!’ Not only nostalgic enthusiasts will be excited by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides’ new ‘rocket’, which will touch and go in 2011.