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Family Coaster

Dragon Fly

Duinrell Wassenar, The Netherlands



The third layout of the new Family Coaster concept by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides will open at the Dutch amusement park ‘Duinrell’. The coaster goes by the name 'Dragon Fly' and is fun for the whole family.

The twelve-seat train was designed to allow small adventurers one meter tall to go on the exciting ride. Offering state-of-the art safety technology, like single safety restraints, a chain lift and a smooth slow down with the help of magnetic brakes, this family coaster keeps abreast easily with Gerstlauer Amusement Rides’ bigger coasters.

Drops, airtime hills, turnarounds, a helix and ‘near miss elements’, thanks to the inclusion of the layout in the existing ‘Kikker-8-Baan’, – this coaster is a custom-designed experience topped off with the beautiful landscape of the amusement park. Quality family time at ‘Duinrell’ – That is the newest Family Coaster 'Dragon Fly' by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides.  

Width ~ 360 ft (~ 110 m)
Depth ~ 105 ft (~ 32 m)
Height ~ 52 ft (~ 16 m)
Track Length ~ 1180 ft (~ 360 m)
Track Width 2' 7 ½" (800 mm)
Speed ~ 32 mph (~ 50 km/h)
Max. vertical acceleration
~ 2,9g
Trains  1 train with 12 vehicles (2 persons each)
Capacity (1 lap) ~ 750 pph
Connected Load ~ 80 kW