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The Smiler

Alton Towers Resort Alton, United Kingdom



Say cheese! In 2013 ‘The Smiler‘ at Alton Towers will put a smile on everyone’s face! If you think of a nice family ride you are wrong, though. This Infinity Coaster by Gerstlauer will put you to the test!

98ft tall, 3,838ft long and speeding up to 52.3 mph! Giving riders a layout which seems to have neither an end nor a beginning as well as a lot of inversions. How many? A record-breaking 14 designed by our specialists from Münsterhausen – including some surprises designed to take your breath away. For example, two dive loops which combine to a recumbent eight and a cobra roll. The breathtaking and crazy experience ‘The Smiler’ is toped of by the new-designed, comfortable trains and perfected by countless near miss elements.

Feeling dizzy already? Be mesmerized by Gerstlauer’s newest Infinity Coaster .‘The Smiler’. In 2013 at Alton Towers.

Width ~ 393 ft (~ 120 m)
Depth ~ 164 ft (~ 50 m)
Height ~ 98 ft (~ 30 m)
Track Length ~ 3838 ft (~ 1170 m)
Track Width 3' 11 ¼" (1200 mm)
Speed ~ 53 mph (~ 85 km/h)
Inversions 14
Vehicles (16 persons each) 5