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Family Coaster

FireChaser Express

Dollywood Pigeon Forge, USA



In 2014 the American amusement park Dollywood presents an exciting novelty for the entire family: the family coaster 'FireChaser Express'. After opening the Euro-Fighter 'Mystery Mine' in 2007, the 'FireChaser Express' is Gerstlauer's second roller coaster at Dollywood.

And it's nothing to sneeze at! The 'FireChaser Express' allows riders one meter and taller to ride on a varied adventure that is perfectly adapted Dollywood‘s landscape. In addition to the lifthill, approximately 24 meters tall, the 740 meter long layout includes two launches – one forward and one backwards. Furthermore the family friendly coaster wins its riders over with two helices, changes of direction and lots of airtime.

The three trains of the 'FireChaser Express' with their eye-catching theming have room for 14 passengers each. The trains feature comfortable bucket seats and rows with plenty of leg room.  The largest guests can ride comfortably and the smallest guests ride safely. Single lap bars, which are adjustable to the body size of each rider, guarantee maximum safety.

With the 'FireChaser Express' Gerstlauer‘s Family Coaster shows its paces. In 2014 at Dollywood.

Width ~ 360 ft (~ 110 m)
Depth ~ 301 ft (~ 92 m)
Height ~ 78 ft (~ 24 m)
Track Length ~ 2427 ft (~ 740 m)
Track Width 2' 7 ½" (800 mm)
Speed ~ 35 mph (~ 56 km/h)
Trains  3 train with 7 vehicles (2 persons each)
~ 750 pph