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Gerstlauer Euro Fighter Hydrus Highlight
Gerstlauer Euro Fighter Hydrus Highlight


Casino Pier Seaside Heights, New Jersey, USA



In Seaside Heights in the US state of New Jersey, roller coaster fans are now enjoying a ride with a rare view: "Hydrus" in Casino Pier is just a few meters from the sea shore. The new Euro-fighter of Gerstlauer offers its passengers at the North Atlantic beach an exciting driving experience.

From a distance 'Hydrus’ will catch visitors’ eyes with its bright blue vertical lift. When the car reaches the highest point at 98 ft eight passengers will enjoy a stunning view over the pier and the open sea. The beautiful view will last for only a few seconds though. Slowly the vehicle slopes over the highest point and then falls into the depth with a maximum inclination of 97 °! Only a few seconds later, the passengers race back toward the sky and head for the first time in the looping. This is followed by a combination of inline loop, banked turn and heartline roll and camelhump, which complete the ride with the "Hydrus".

A special location - practically directly over the sea - and near-miss elements, thanks to the compact layout, make this Euro-Fighter of Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH a unique ride that leaves no eye dry.