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Hybrid Coaster Trains

Iron Rattler

Six Flags Fiesta Texas San Antonio, USA



This year we are excited to announce the delivery of our second Hybrid Coaster Trains. This time they are rocking the brand new Iron Rattler at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

Where other wooden coaster trains surrender, the Hybrid Coaster Trains pass them by! An 81° first drop, banked curves, fast changes of direction, camelbacks and even a zero-g-roll are not a problem for the Iron Rattler’s new trains. These sleek vehicles are convincing with state-of-the-art technical features like magnetic brakes and spring-mounted steering. In addition, our specialists optimized the contoured  T-shaped lapbars and created a more comfortable  ride experience.

This rattler will carry you away – without rattling at all. Instead, it guarantees the best riding comfort. Iron Rattler and the Hybrid Coaster Trains by Gerstlauer. In 2013 at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.   erstlauer. 2013 at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.