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Gerstlauer RewindRacer Highlight
Gerstlauer RewindRacer Highlight
Family Coaster

Rewind Racers

Adventure City Anaheim, USA



Ready, set, go! In 2015 the Californian amusement park Adventure City presents 'Rewind Racers', a brand new Shuttle Family Coaster by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides.

Right after the individual restraints close, the fourteen riders can expect the first surprise of the rollercoaster. The train starts to move backwards and climbs the first hill slowly.

After a few seconds of thrilled waiting, the train rushes down the hill, past the waiting guests in the station and enters a wild course featuring a banked curve, a camelback and a helix. At the end of the course the train climbs a second hill, slows down and stops one more time.

The train travels the whole course to the station – backwards! There, fail-safe magnetic brakes stop the train full of happy riders.

What are you waiting for? Get on board! 'Rewind Racers', the newest family adventure by Gerstlauer.

Width ~ 231 ft (~ 65 m)
Depth ~ 65 ft (~ 20 m)
Height ~ 39 ft (~ 12 m)
Track Length ~ 593 ft (~ 181 m)
Track Width 2' 7 ½" (800 mm)
Speed ~ 31 mph (~ 50 km/h)
Trains  1 train with 7 vehicles (2 persons each)