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SkyHawk Highlight
SkyHawk Highlight
Sky Roller


Canada's Wonderland Vaughan, Canada



The new Sky Roller is equipped with a rotating lattice mast tower, upon which the boom with the single-rider gondolas is able to vertically move.  The look of the structure was improved, too and the 35-meter tower looks striking with its distinct shapes and its cut-and-cover technique.

In regards to the ride experience- the established concept of the Sky Roller offers a lot of individuality. Thanks to personal sets of rider control wings every passenger is able to roll upside dow if they choose. Everyone decides whether the ride turns into a hair-raising flight-adventure or ends up to be 'just' a scenic flight. The Sky Roller is for everyone! Comfortable shoulder restraints with redundant, hydraulic cylinders keep riders in their seats safely.

Are you ready for take-off? The Sky Roller by Gerstlauer is! Get on board - 2016 at Wonderland in Canada!