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Hersheypark Hershey, USA

The ‘SooperDooperLooper‘ is one of the iconic attractions at Hersheypark, PA. Since its opening back in 1977, this steel rollercoaster sends young and old coaster fans on an exciting trip including a looping and a terrain layout.

For its 35th anniversary the first looping rollercoaster on the East Coast gets two brand-new trains by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides. Both of the new trains are composed of six cars, holding four persons each. Every train features newly designed seats, lap bars and new running wheels. The trains don’t only win riders over with their technical features but also with the new design. It retains the style of the original trains and gives the coaster a new look in addition.

SooperDooper trains for the ‘SooperDooperLooper’.  In 2012 at Hersheypark!

Length ~ 507 in (~ 12.9 m)
Width ~ 51 in (~ 1.3 m)
Height ~ 49 in (~ 1.25 m)
No. of trains 2 trains
No. of cars / train 6 cars
No. of seats / car 4 seats
Total Seating 24 seats