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Spinning Coaster

Spinning Dragons

Worlds of Fun Kansas City, USA



We make the world go round...
and now your passengers, too.

Gestlauer Amusement Rides introduces a new type of spinning coaster in the Mall of America (Minnesota USA) and in Worlds of Fun (Kansas City, USA).

The passengers face each other while experiencing sharp curves, sudden turns and deep drops in the spinning cars. The cars just spin by using the different accelerations which occur during the ride, so every ride will be unique.

The "Spinning Dragons" replaces the old roller coaster "Orient Express" and it is a worthy successor.

Gerstlauer - go for a spin!

Width ~ 246 ft (~ 75 m)
Depth ~ 108 ft (~ 33 m)
Height ~ 54 ft (~ 16.5 m)
Track Length ~ 1345 ft (~ 410 m)
Track Width 2' 7 ½" (800 mm)
Speed ~ 31 mph (~ 50 km/h)
Inversions 0
Vehicles (4 persons each) 6
Capacity ~ 720 pph
Connected Load ~ 35 kW