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Gerstlauer Tantrum DarienLake Highlight
Gerstlauer Tantrum DarienLake Highlight


Darien Lake , USA



We are excited to present you another Euro-Fighter. Since 2018 this Euro-Fighter can be driven under the name "Tantrum" in the American amusement park Darien Lake. 

The vertical lift carries the vehicle to a height of 30m (100 feet). After slowly passing the crest, the eight passengers will enjoy a breathtaking 97°-drop. After this incredible first drop, thrill seekers will experience further elements like a combination of an Immelmann Loop and a Dive Loop, a Camelhump, a Cutback and an Inclined Loop. All of these unforgettable elements are perfectly fit on a footprint of just 70x23m (230x75ft).

 Go beyond vertical - with the Euro-Fighter „Tantrum" by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH