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Hybrid Coaster Trains

Texas Giant

Six Flags Over Texas Arlington, USA



The Texas Giant is back – faster, steeper and wilder than ever and there is only one vehicle able to tame this hybrid giant made out of steel and wood: Gerstlauer Amusement Ride’s brand new wooden coaster train! This roller coaster train will take the experience of riding a wooden roller coaster to the next level!

In celebration of Six Flags over Texas’ fiftieth anniversary in 2011, the amusement park presents three of our new trains for the epic Texas Giant wooden roller coaster. The trains impress with a stylish look and a nostalgic surprise. They resemble the styling of the popular 1961 Cadillac DeVille, which ran the same year Six Flags over Texas opened its gates.  

In true Texas fashion the metallic aqua, red and black train symbolizes everything that is grand and great about the Lone Star State. From the replicated car body, to the grill, headlights and tail lights, the look of these trains will thrill riders. Thanks to stadium seating each of the twenty-four “leather” seats offers a perfect view.

Also, the technical features of the trains are stunning: magnetic brakes, spring mounted wheels, and hydraulic lap bars with a traditional saddle horn make the new Texas Giant trains safe and unique at the same time.

The New Texas Giant’s trains will take you on an unforgettable ride – get on your horses! Yeehaa, cowboys!