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Gerstlauer TheShredderHighlight2
Gerstlauer TheShredderHighlight2
Spinning Coaster

The Shredder

American Dream Meadowlands East Rutherford, USA



In 2019 Gerstlauer Amusement Rides opened its new Spinning Coaster in the American Dream Mall (New Jersey).

This roller coaster strives to claim even two records for itself: That of the highest and that of the longest Free-Spinning-Coaster in the world.

This is where the fun starts! Gerstlauer Amusement Rides introduces a new type of spinning coaster which combines the speed of a roller coaster with the experience of a carousel ride. The cars of this roller coaster spin freely during the ride and react to acceleration - so every ride is a unique adventure. As an additional feature, the passengers, held safely in their seats by individual lap restraints, face each other, which guarantees a lot of fun for everybody. The spinning coaster is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a family-friendly roller coaster where that has it all.

Hop aboard , hold on tight and be ready: Gerstlauer - go for a spin!