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Gerstlauer TMNT Shellraiser Highlight
Gerstlauer TMNT Shellraiser Highlight

TMNT Shellraiser

American Dream Meadowlands East Rutherford, USA



In 2019 Gerstlauer Amusement Rides opened its new Euro-Fighter in the American Dream Mall (New Jersey) .

Those who are brave enough to take a seat in one of the six cars will be rewarded with a world-class rollercoaster ride! Right after leaving the station a heartline roll puts the eight riders upside down just to speed up a moment later to 62 mph in only 2 seconds. „TMNT Shellraiser“ sends riders through an inverted top hat 118ft tall and comes up with a special feature of the ride: The „banana-roll“. The newly designed feature, which seen from the side has the shape of a banana, turns the riders upside down. A giant flatspin, an airtime hill, breaks. However, where others stop ‘TMNT Shellraiser“ just really gets started.

Riders suddenly face the 141 ft tall structure of the vertical lift. A big chain takes the vehicle vertically up as it is typical for the Euro-Fighter made by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides. Slowly the car tilts over the highest point, slides down a slope and comes to a halt just meters away from abyss. But only a few will be able to enjoy the breathtaking view over the mall. There is no turning back. The brakes are released, the vehicle starts sliding forward again and the daredevils fall into the depths. Not only steeper than vertical, as it is common for Euro-Fighters, but even with a maximum inclination of 122°! – That’s a world record!

One more time the agile vehicle shoots through the huge inversions like a dive loop, an inline loop and an Immelmann loop. Together they form the big Cow Hitch! After 3,280 ft of track ‘TMNT Shellraiser“ slows down and takes the brave riders slowly back to the station to exit.

141 ft tall, featuring 7 inversions and the steepest drop in the world ‘TMNT Shellraiser is not only one the tallest, fastest and longest rollercoaster ever built by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides but it keeps up easily with other world record coasters. Can you keep up with this ride, too? ‘TMNT Shellraiser sets new standards!