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Gerstlauer FC Yippe Highlight
Gerstlauer FC Yippe Highlight
Family Coaster


Parque Nacional Del Café Montenegro. Quindio, Colombia



With “Yippie” 2018 the Columbian amusement park Parque del Café opens a new catapult roller coaster for families by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH. After a launch out of the station triggered by friction wheels on the tracks, the passengers experience a ride with many ups and downs and turns. After the family friendly launch out of the station, a lift hill leads the roller coaster to the highest point of the ride.

With its changes in direction and downhills the ride itself attracts all age groups. 

This family coaster is of course equipped with wear-free eddy current brakes and single lap bars. Thus even small riders can enjoy an exciting and safe ride.